Assisting you

Assisting you is blending your requests and our solutions, your expectations and our expertise, your audience and our creativity, to create unique events for people to share, celebrate and reward.

Unique events at your audience’s service

To assist you in the reconnection and retention challenges you have to face, we deploy our expertise so as to give you the opportunity to experience unique moments by placing the relationship at the core of our approach: between You & Us and between You & your Audiences.

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This is the reason why our offer revolves around three value propositions: Sharing, Rewarding and Celebrating.

Three key moments in the life of the company – whatever its size – and solutions based on the agency’s expertise. We take care of all the company’s event experience (travel, logistics, artistic coordination, storytelling, guidelines, content support…).

To push the logic of support further, we are working on the gradual implementation of an impact analysis concerning events within a company and their effect on employee commitment.


Sharing, by organising seminars, conventions, team building events, study trips, etc... Whether we are talking about strategies and ambitions to share, goals to achieve, team cohesion time or simply good times, sharing is an opportunity to exchange, to meet up around common themes. At Wagram & Vous, we are committed to allowing you to live special moments around a unique event, in a professional and friendly atmosphere.

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Celebrating, through the organisation of parties or festive moments. Whether it be for a birthday, an anniversary, a success, good news, Christmas, New Year's greetings or even the inauguration of new premises or a revamped identity, it is important to seize opportunities to gather all employees, customers or partners for a festive moment. Celebrating could be a time for thinking of the overall big picture, to give meaning to a joint action and simply to thank the people you work with. These are many facets that make a real difference to move forward with cohesion and commitment.

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Rewarding, through the organisation of dedicated trips, exclusive outings, prestigious dinners or unusual activities, is to recognise and value what has been accomplished, the performance and commitment of employees, partners or customers. At Wagram & Vous, we place our expertise and creativity in organising unique and unforgettable incentive trips and rewarding experiences.

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When we imagine events, our drive is to place the human element in the centre of the device. We facilitate the exchange with the stakeholders and nourish and make the bond between the company and its audiences grow stronger. It is the essence of Wagram & Vous and the mission that animates us daily

William Edel, CEO