ICF Habitat

How to bring together all the organisation’s employees for an annual convention and capture the attention of this typology of people, which is not used to the plenary format?

The client’s brief

ICF Habitat, a major player in social housing in Ile de France, gathers all its employees every year for a convention: a very diverse population that includes both people from the head office and field workers.

Wagram & vous’ solutions

  • An inspiring theme: the circus, with a signature slogan for the event “Let the show go on!”. An invitation to move forward together towards success and the parallel between the circus and ICF Habitat’s values: creativity, technique, thoroughness and a family dimension;
  • A place of meaning: the Fratellini Academy, centre for arts and training in circus acts, consistent with the convention’s leading theme as well as with the company’s mission, because of its location in Seine Saint Denis, at the heart of social housing issues;
  • A short and rhythmic format, alternating speeches and artistic interludes to capture the participants’ attention.

The event

The 600 guests gathered in the Fratellini Academy tent early in the afternoon, where a welcome coffee was offered to them, before starting the plenary meeting.

The event was animated by an external speaker, with alternating speaking times for the management team. The speakers had been coached, a jingle was specially designed for the event and the speeches were punctuated with sequences of a juggling show by the circus school students.

Once the plenary was over, the participants were invited to a circus-themed cocktail party with several festive and original culinary events. It all took place in a room decorated with 600 balloons and many workshops were on offer whilst a gypsy swing group played in the background: juggling, cable tightrope walking, hula-hoop, fairground stalls with blowgun shooting and many ambulation skill games. Let’s not forget the photo cabin to capture these special moments!

The impact

Mission accomplished! 94% post-event satisfaction rate, and positive feedback on the event’s format, the circus theme and the parallels to be made with the trade on a daily basis, the pleasure of being together, the content of the messages delivered, and the pride of belonging to the ICF Habitat Group.