How to imagine a memorable trip to reward a heterogeneous audience – winners of a sales challenge – and thereby promote team cohesion?

The client’s brief

As part of an internal challenge, MACSF wanted to offer a trip to its staff as a first time reward. The challenge was to motivate a young audience with diverse profiles, including travel enthusiasts as well as participants unaccustomed to this type of reward, by offering a surprising yet accessible destination and moments of sharing to unite employees.

Wagram & vous’ solutions

  • A remarkable and trendy destination: Ibiza, a 2 hour flight from Paris;
  • A surprising program combining the well-known festive and relaxing aspects of this destination as well as excursions in the back-country’s nature and landscapes.

The event

The 54 winners of the challenge arrived in Paris from all over France where two Wagram & Vous attendants were waiting to assist them in boarding their plane: Destination Ibiza!

As soon as they got off the plane, they were immediately immersed in the Ibiza spirit with a lunch at the hotel, on the beach, their feet in the sand. In the afternoon, everyone embarked for a Mehari race with a succession of challenges to discover the island‘s back-country. The day ended at the hotel with a theme party.

The next day, the participants went to a privatised beach, a typical cove, for “Koh Lanta” (survival) style activities. The program consisted in the tug of war, kayaking, tribal tattoos and other surprising activities such as tasting insects.

Back at the hotel for an afternoon of idleness and chilling, everyone met up in the evening for a trophy presentation and a dinner at The Pacha, the famous club, where the party continued until the next morning and an unforgettable meeting occurred with the owner of the place: David Guetta himself!

Finally, the last day’s programme was spending the day on a catamaran, heading to the heavenly island of Furteventura, swimming in the open sea and barbecuing on the beach. What marvellous memories!

The impact

Participants were happy to discover these two facets of Ibiza, which suited all profiles, and spend quality time with their colleagues, thus generating team cohesion despite the challenge’s competitive context.

On the client’s side: a great satisfaction that has transformed this pilot experience into trusted collaboration taking the form of other projects entrusted to the Wagram & Vous team.