The agency

Wagram & Vous is Us,
Wagram, and You,
our Clients.

Wagram & Vous is an agency of event organisation experts who work on tailor-made projects of medium to significant scales with a dynamic team at your service.

What we hide in our magic box, what makes us different, is the value we put on human connections. It is visibly represented by our « & » symbol. This ampersand
Is a strong representation of what we experience and build with our clients on 2 levels:

  • In the relationship between You & Us
  • In the one between your Audience & Yourself.

Wagram & Vous, at the heart of the event and MICE industry networks

Wagram & Vous is member of GBTA (Global Business Travel Association), the leading association in global business travel, and of L’Evénement, the french event association.

Our mission is :

To create inventive reconnection – employee retention – formats of events that accurately meet your needs for you to have a unique experience every time

To support you in a consulting agency type of approach from the project’s conception to its completion and impact evaluation: brief, conception and recommendation on the choice of the destinations, hotel, route, places, assistance on messages and their structuring, staging, storytelling, entertainment, plenary dynamics boosting, speakers, digital interactivity, catering, reception, transport and accommodation.

For this reason, we assist you in an event organisational offer focused on three skills: SHARING, REWARDING and CELEBRATING.

The new collaborator at the heart of wagram & you’s vision

In this new digital era of hyper-connection, millennials, artificial intelligence and big data, organisations must meet multiple challenges to retain their employees and restore meaning around a vision and shared values.

At Wagram & You, we move forward with you by nurturing the human capital and the quality of relationships in order to re-create a bond, trust and a feeling of pride for belonging to your company and/or its audience.

Placing the human capital and the relationship at the heart of everything, strengthening team spirit, bringing co-workers together around a common project. ”


  • A family-owned independent company with a closely-knit team that has a real sense of customer relationship as its driving force
  • An in vivo laboratory where curiosity, creativity and experimentation are integrated into our expertise creating continuous development
  • Sprinkle a good dose of humour, lightness and optimism on top of all that and that is our recipe!

Our history

Founded in 1990, Wagram & Vous and its subsidiary Wagram Voyages (founded in 1977) now form an independent family-owned event organisation group counting 45 staff members. The growing group delivers event formats for SMEs and large accounts around three major value propositions: sharing, rewarding and celebrating. Since its creation, the group has designed more than 5,000 events. In 2017, Wagram & Vous achieved a consolidated turnover of € 28 million.

At Wagram & Vous, we take the changing modes of collaboration of our time into consideration to think of inventive reconnection formats. Our position as an independent and human-sized agency allows us to grasp these issues with pragmatic answers. ”

- William Edel.