Auchan Retail

How to communicate on the ongoing transformations within the company to its leading executives around the world, in order to inspire and accelerate the strategic plan’s adoption process?

The client’s requests

The family and global group, Auchan Retail, launched a new strategic plan a year ago. The implementations and achievements of this plan are under way and are starting to be visible in the 14 countries where the brand is located (France, Portugal, Spain, Luxembourg, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia, Taiwan, Vietnam, China, Senegal, Italy, Ukraine …). The objective and challenge is to allow the different sites to move forward together as they are inspired by their respective success and innovation.

Wagram & Vous’ solution

Fundamentally, there are two answers:

• Show the first successes and ambitions concretely via an overview of the top examples of what has been deployed in different countries

• Embark all countries on the main sites’ projects to implement them quickly

In substance: create a unique moment of verbal exchange in the form of a two-and-a-half-hour television show, broadcast live to an audience of 4200 employees in 14 countries. A show conceived as in a true news studio, with news coverage, technological focus, educational contributions, presentations, exchanges, etc.

The Event

A complete TV set was set up in a former factory in Lille for the show. The 400 members of the public and the 4,200 collaborators around the world met at 10:00 am local time to share this live broadcast experience around 3 essential projects: the customer relationship, the products and human relations at the heart of the management. Several experts of the group were present and taken to the activity by two television professionals: Vicky Bogaert and Luc Terrier, as well as the famous director of live TV, Gilles Amado. There were 3 scenic spaces on the set: a talk show corner, a news desk and a “tech corner” (with augmented reality devices) to present the subjects that required educational explanations. Significant means of recording were deployed for this live broadcast: 7 cameras including a crane, a special effects and live augmented reality device and a coach.

A specific technical organisation had been planned upstream to ensure that each country was able to create its own event, integrating live TV broadcasting and a Q&A session between the audience and local leaders.

Wagram & Vous conceived and set up the entire event alongside Auchan Retail, both in terms of form and substance, from the writing of presentations and the coaching of the speakers to the coordination of the 70 technicians and machinists who intervened at all stages of the show.

The Impact

Key messages shared in a pedagogical form, a dynamic and modern format with questions and answers dedicated to the local level, which allowed to better grasp the new strategic plan’s richness and to foster the necessary dynamics for its implementation in the 14 countries where the retailer is located.